It's difficult to content oneself with life sometimes, especially when so much happens in the blink of an eye.

For me, it felt like months, months of repressed feelings. It was an aggravating experience, and I am not going to let that happen again.

In other news:

  • I moved some four years ago (happy 20th that year)

  • I finished writing one of my books/novels (this year)

  • I got through my portfolio course alright

  • I graduated college (this year)

  • I got through an internship (this summer)

  • I want to go back to school (more like a University)

  • I also want to work in something graphic design oriented

  • I want to practice my skills while I have a type of gap year

  • I'm still working as an English tutor at my college

  • I am also writing fanfiction again

I don't know if I'll get into the groove of things I used to love again, but I'm hoping on it. I also am surprised to find myself here again; well, a friend helped me come over... I'm more of a Blogspot sort of person, but... yes, it's been three years since I've blogged anything or recorded anything online. And here I am, w00t, in the place where my blogging experience began.

It's amazing how memories transcend time. It must be terrifying to those who have awful memories... Anyway, on the flip side: new days are like blank sheets of paper, ready to be filled.

So dftba, and I'll see if I can post again. Maybe I'll just talk about the books I've read. I've gotten over my reading slump (or at least I hope so) by reading my favorite genre of all: Young Adult!

Maybe that's what my next post will be about. The wonders of YA.

Hehehe... writing's tough, isn't it?

Okay, the whole new update/perspective of today is the following:

One - I have graduated (YESH! Like FINALLY! :D)
Two - I have too much freetime now... *sigh* Summer hols, or as you would say... "Summer Vacation! W00t!" Hm, not for me, apparently... *has a killer headache*
Three - I have a Pet in PetCentral to feed and nurish, but how do you do that when you get like a small percentage of points/coins?! *is terribly feeling insane... slowly insane, that is*
Four - I'm sketching just because I feel like it and I'm going to be adding stuff this whole week.
Five - There's a downside to uploading stuff: I turned in my wacom tablet *holds on a moment to cry, but returns for the next fit*
Six - Father's Day and my bro's b-day (the 29th this month) are both coming up (and whoa - do I dislike giving stuff to those two *hint, hint - my Dad and my brother... shnap... what shall I buy... what shall I make to give as a present? - I have no $$ :( *).
Seven - I am going to have killer headaches for the rest of this summer...
Eight - Harry Potter's coming up, so is The Proposal, then there's the Night at the Museum (don't ask why I want to see it - Lincoln, the Egyptian guy, Octavius, and the Cowboy are going to star in it! -- Oh, and the same goes for that dude, the Security Guard that always gets slapped by the monkey, who has a new friend now! Yesh, another monkey... *giggles* Wait, isn't the monkey a chimpanzee? *can't spell right now... it's 11:11... Make a wish... -promptly goes away-*), The Uglie Truth (starring Gerard Butler - Gerry!), 21 again (I really want to see this one!!!), um... and a whole bunch of other movies that I have absolutely no $$ to see!!!! :( *has to go to work....! and is dreading it*

So shea... onto Nine:

My Birthday is also coming up!!!! *Yayz in my empty page that only has about three watchers...* So yes, I will be enjoying that to an extent. I will also be posting more artwork! *grins* :D

And Ten:

I can't freaking wait until the Princess and the Frog comes out! *will study the new styles and how they put in the Jazz age*

I'm hoping to finish my IB RW (research workbook) Sketchbook once I get it back. It'll be of my new drawing, painting, and observational adventures! (And WHOOO! I'm going to let my teacher see it when I get back with my sister - just to VISIT! :D That's the good thing about graduating, you know... ^_^)

And yes, zat iz ze update!

Yo' ~Mel

Pain - instant and in the inside - all for memories... memorias del pasado

Sometimes it's as if life doesn't have a point anymore, and during these times I find myself looking through every website that I know of. Although I'm running a bit short on words from my Muse (the muse of Romance and Love... whomever he or she may be...), I think that I've had an idea of what to write... but



escapes me.

You know the feeling that someone gets when you know what you're going to do, but






It's happening to me today, and it's been going on for a while, and well...

My 18th is this July... (the 28th, for those that ask), and I'm hoping to enjoy it to the fullest.

I might even upload all of my doodles onto DeviantArt, for all I know! Yet, so far... I'm not sure on what to do with my life.

So yes, back to the beginning (that dwindled away as I continued to speak my twisted mind onto this text area *rolls eyes*) -- I've just seen northangel27's journal, which ever so slowly caught my eye... and at once I felt bonded to her (whomever she may be). Missing Severus Snape is a biggie for me since I try to write him in my fics as the survivor character that ends up with a woman that feels strangely connected to him... and well... It's been a while (perhaps 3 years for me? -- *thinks about 5-last HP book*) that I fell in love with Severus (or Sev, if he let me call him that someday...).

True, he may feel disgust for himself (even prestige for his high education and the footsteps that he took away from his abusive home)... he may still be head over heels in love with Lily Potter (never Evans again since James captured her whole and securely to his chest *smiles softly*), and he might as well want to be dead for all we know -- but he will never tear himself out of my heart. I love every single thing about him -- from his snarky responses to his colleagues, his arched elegant, long and dark eyebrow (*melts in place*), his thin smirking lips (*giggles to self*), to his deep, intense, and disolving obsidian eyes... *wishes deep deep inside that he would embrace her*

As a whole he was a great man (dead or alive), and he did what he had to.

God, I love this man to the soul/sole of my body.

And that is why I will continue to write about him in his best light - despite being a double-spy and a great one at that... despite everyone's toss-away of a response... I will do so until the end. *Will remain faithful 'til the end*

*gives Sev a moment of silence*

Okay, so now that I'm over my chest-clenching feeling, I will continue on to my news:

I'm writing a novel (2, in fact), and I've been off of my fanfiction for quite a while (since January). Thus far, I've made up my mind that I can do most of these at once (whenever my Muse attacks me head on -- who ever he or she may be *sighs*). So yes, the one that's probably getting finished up first will be "Forced". Then after that, perhaps I will get in tune to finish my never-ending "Behind the Sketches" (My succeeding Severus/OC *beams*). And yes, that's about it.

Now, wasn't this my longest post ever?

Oh, yeah.... before I leave: I'm posting something new on my DeviantArt. It's all guys! *grins brightly* Well, it's all about boy expressions. I tried to put my dear Sev in it, but I haven't had the chance of overcoming his complicated visage (which Sempra does so well... *blushes*).

So yes, that's the end for now. :D

Thankies for reading, if you have... and please speak to me! *is lonely as crumbs in a bag of doritos that was thrown away*

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Peace out

Oh my [freaking] God...!

Live seems to be running rather fast now that I'm in my Senior year in High School...

I've been getting all these catchy papers to go to an Art school, but I'm stuck in my seat just gathering kenetic energy... waiting to leap at the best choice.

And right now, after reading in the RMCaD (Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design) and Anderson University's Visual Art scholarship... there's this surreal rush going through my fingers, down my spine, and up to cloud my mind's eye with the visions of painting, drawing, sketching, coloring, and feeling oil pastels underneath my fingertips... Oh, and the feeling of finally being able to be free from my home life (yeah, and my two bothersome - yet lovable - brother and sister --- and my wonderful, different, coliding parents).

So, yes, I'm hoping to get into an Art school, and hopefuly step out of my shoes and into new ones for the new year... so that I can actually get some courage from deep inside to step up and start climbing up the obstacle that I'm facing now:

Heck, I need to stop being so shut away and scared of moving on.

Okay, so that's the end of my rush...

More art will be added onto my art livejournal as soon as I finish my 24 pages of IB Art Book... ^_^

Wish me luck!

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Writer's Block: Beyond Our Ken

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you've probably experienced something that you couldn't explain. What was it?
Yes, I guess that might have happened once - it's been happening loads of times, actually. Whenever someone does anything to someone else... it happens to them about a few seconds later (i.e. I don't give you whatever it is that you want/need and then it happens to me, except through someone else - it's like Karma!). So yeah, that's about all the paranormal stuff that's happened here with me here, but other weird and creepy stuff happens in the land of my Dad's - it's down in Mexico, but it's serious. Supposedly some people there - if they do anything stupid, crazy, or just plain wrong, then this thing happens to them... they go from normal to really and totally wack. Seriously. *crosses heart and hopes to die*